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List Of All The Most Popular Binary Options Brokers

Here You’ll Find A Comprehensive List Of All The Most Reputable And Popular Binary Options Brokers

List of good binary options brokers - traderush 60 second binary optionsPlease let us know if you know of any other good binary options brokers that you feel belong on our binary options brokers list, but is currently not included! Or tell us if there is a broker which is listed here that you feel doesn’t belong on any list of “good binary options brokers.” We always love to hear from other real traders about their experiences with any brokers that they have tried. Whether those brokers are on or off this list. Whether Good, bad, or ugly we want to hear about your experiences…and so do your fellow trading enthusiasts! We’ve been trading binary options since late 2008, shortly after they hit the retail trading scene. In the years since we have personally used and reviewed many of the most popular binary options brokers as well as quite a few of the lesser-known or newer brands. Most of the brokers accepting US traders are average at best, a few are downright bad apples, and a few are truly outstanding market leaders, dedicated to satisfied clients and constantly innovating. This list does not contain any of the “bad apples” and only reputable binary options brokers with minimal or no legitimate customer complaints can earn a spot on this page.

*** Binary Options Brokers List ***

Traderush – $200 Minimum Deposit
Our Top Broker

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24Option – $250 Minimum Deposit – Demo W/Deposit
Strong Runner-Up To TradeRush

binary options brokers list - 24option deposit bonus

Top Option – $100 Minimum Deposit

topoption regulation banner ad image

AnyOption – $200 Minimum Deposit

binary options brokers list - anyoption deposit bonus

EZTrader – $200 Minimum Deposit

binary options brokers list - eztrader deposit bonus

Stockpair – $200 Minimum Deposit
Our Favorite For Pair Options

binary options brokers list - stockpair deposit bonus

OpTeck – $200 Minimum Deposit

binary options brokers list - opteck

OptionsClick – $200 Minimum Deposit

binary options brokers list - optionsclick deposit bonus

OptionBit – $200 Minimum Deposit

binary options brokers list - optionbit binary options brokers

OptionXP – $100 Minimum Deposit

binary options brokers list - optionxp deposit bonus

At this point there is now approaching some well over 200 binary options brokers on the market. Possibly even over 100 by now. This list of ours then is certainly not all-inclusive by any means and probably even misses some of the good binary options brokers (and if you know of one you believe deserves to be on our list but isn’t, please suggest it!). But, for the most part we have included all of the most popular brokers, as well as all of the brokers that are most highly rated by ourselves, our readers, and other reviewers out there. There are many decent binary options brokers to choose from in this very competitive market. And the different trading platform styles and features offered by the various brokers will appeal to different audiences. This is why we chose to include all the top binary brokers even if we don’t necessarily endorse or recommend those brokers ourselves. We do, however, think you’re probably best off choosing one of the binary option brokers in our “recommended” list for the very best binary options trading experience and outstanding customer service.

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  1. 4:48 pm, 04/19/2012Salemo  / Reply

    I’m really enjoying the layout of your blog. It’s a very easy to find what I’m looking for which makes it much more enjoyable for me to come here and visit more often to read your helpful articles regarding binary options trading and brokers. Did you hire out a developer to create your theme? Excellent work!

  2. 7:45 pm, 06/14/2012Archie  / Reply

    saw your post at informed trades. YOu mentioned you had info on the binary broker model. I would be interested to read about how it works. From the broker side. How do they price options? I am guessing that they just have a computer with a constantly changing risk envelope that is priced based on volitility. Like bollinger bands. They play the odds of having to payoff. Or alternatively, given enough time they could spread off the risk. And if even more sophisticated they would keep records of each trader and just trade against the losers and hedge the winners?



    • 1:21 pm, 06/15/2012BinaryOptionsBoss  / Reply

      Each broker bases the prices at which they are willing to sell any given binary option contract on a proprietary formula. They are very open about that fact but not so open about what the formula actually is. Which is understandable. What I was referring to in that thread pertains to the second part of your question…how they make their profits.
      See here:
      Binary Options Scam
      I’d be happy to answer any additional questions arising from that if I can.

      • 7:54 pm, 02/01/2013Matt  / Reply

        I just want to be absolutely clear. Can I completely trust Traderush as reputable without fear of manipulation or scamming? Thanks so much for your service to all of out here wanting to get our feet wet with binary options!

        • 6:06 pm, 02/12/2013BinaryOptionsBoss  / Reply

          Yes. I personally stake my reputation on it. And, although there are other good brokers, they are the only broker I am willing to do that with because I trust them 100% not to ruin that reputation. I’ve been with them for two years as a customer and 1 year as an affiliate and in that time they have been nothing but great, to me, and to all who have joined them on my recommendation or through this website.
          They also all have me as a mediator should anything ever go wrong and my voice carries weight over at TradeRush because I have brought them a good amount of business. I’ve never had to use that influence though because they are simply a great company that takes good care of its customers.
          Sorry for the late reply, it has been a hectic couple of weeks!

  3. 4:40 am, 07/23/2012jamiu  / Reply

    After more than 30 working days that i made a withdraw at winoptions they refuse to pay i contacted their customer i was ask to send an email which i did but no respond i don’t know what is there problem

    • 4:58 am, 07/23/2012BinaryOptionsBoss  / Reply

      Yes after other customer complaints we had to remove them from our recommended list some time ago. Thanks for sharing our experience to help other traders!

  4. 1:13 am, 09/18/2012miguel  / Reply

    Could you comment on NADEX and IG MARKETS ?

    • 2:04 am, 09/18/2012BinaryOptionsBoss  / Reply

      I can’t comment on IG Markets but NADEX is a solid, reliable broker offering a unique trading platform which includes binary options contracts. They offer a form of binary option trading which in my opinion is best suited to advanced traders looking for a way to hedge trades in other financial products and those looking to build complex portfolios to profit from an investment thesis that might otherwise be difficult or impossible to profit from using “traditional” investment vehicles.
      It is significantly different from what is offered by the dedicated binary options brokers.
      However, they do offer a free demo account to all potential customers – no deposit required – so if you are curious or interested then that might be something you should consider.

  5. 2:16 am, 09/26/2012Nana  / Reply

    What about or Is it reputable? I would also like to ask is mybinaryrecoded a legit program? Thanks in advance

    • 3:05 am, 09/26/2012BinaryOptionsBoss  / Reply

      Thanks for the good questions. It is questions like these from other real traders that really help others, both active binary options traders and potential ones looking for more information.

      VIPbinary has a terrible reputation, unfortunately; and I even had my own bad experience with them because I didn’t ask questions like yours or do more research on them haha. Binary options trading, being so new to the retail scene and mostly unregulated, is kind of the “wild west” of financial markets speculation right now. Kind of like forex was not too many years ago when it was first spreading into the retail trading scene. With that being the case it leaves room for some less than honest and reliable outfits to operate for a time, before eventually being weeded out. VIPbinary appears to be one of those outfits and should be avoided.

      We have also had quite a bit of negative feedback on the “mybinaryrecoded” program. Though we can’t speak from any personal experience there. Speaking for myself I would avoid it but if you’re really interested you may want to do some additional research and seek out some other opinions on the matter since all my information on the program is second hand, coming from visitors to our blog writing us with their experiences.

      And finally, is completely new and unknown to everyone here so we can’t help with that one or make any comment on it. Indeed I’m not even sure what it is and when I tried to check it out just now the only thing I get is “Oops! Google Chrome could not find”
      Is it supposed to be a binary trading broker/platform? A trading system? Or just an informational site?

      Again thanks for your questions and I hope we were of at least some small help.

  6. 5:11 pm, 09/26/2012Nana  / Reply

    Thank you very much for your quick response. You were very helpful. Sorry for the omission I meant It looks like an affiliate site of but I am a bit wary of them. I actually came across binary options yesterday when I received an email from a respected internet marketer recommending the mybinaryrecoded program. After all its free and the concept is simple enough but is it that easy? select the trader’s choice and make money. Since the mybinaryrecoded program ( is free could you please sign up and give us your feedback? It would deeply be appreciated

    • 8:22 pm, 09/26/2012BinaryOptionsBoss  / Reply

      I will indeed check it out. I’m curious now because we have received some negative feedback on this program from visitors and yet as you say, it appears to be free from what I can see so far and the feedback we have received just doesn’t mesh with that. I suspect there is more to it than that though because that website and video is very “over-hyped”, hard sell material and also has pretty high quality, high production value. That cost somebody quite a bit of time and money to put together and not many people are going to do that just out of the kindness of their heart, with nothing to gain.
      I will update this comment as soon as possible and probably even make a detailed blog post about the subject if, after going through the process myself, positive or negative, I find it to have enough substance to warrant such treatment.

      I have been trading binary options almost since they first became available to us average retail traders back in 2008 though and I can tell you right now that doing it profitably is not a “walk in the park” and, like most things worth doing, requires some work and practice to be good at. It is very doable though and I have been trading profitably fairly consistently for almost 3 years now so even if this guy turns out to be “full of s**t” you shouldn’t conclude that the whole concept is bull. It can indeed be very profitable with the right strategies and an honest, reliable broker (there are some bad apples out there unfortunately that give the whole market a bad name so you do have to be careful about that).

    • 10:58 pm, 09/26/2012BinaryOptionsBoss  / Reply

      Well unfortunately there is indeed quite a large “catch” to the program and it would not be anywhere near free for me to test it out. Luckily I don’t even need to test is out to know it is garbage now that I understand what he is doing here. I now understand all the complaints we have gotten on it and why he would do this. He is very very dishonest about things which doesn’t bode well for the effectiveness of his “system” (which basically doesn’t exist/is total garbage according to the reports we received).

      “Maybe you’re asking yourself: Why is he giving his secret away for FREE? Hmm.. ”
      Why yes, I was wondering that very thing.
      “I want you to give some of your profits away to a Children’s Charity of YOUR choice.”
      Nope, that’s not it. Now why are you yanking my chain, sir? What is the REAL reason?
      “Once we verfiy your private access invitation below, you’ll be redirected to one of our Approved Binary Options Brokers”
      Ah, now I get it. What a scumbag.
      He is simply an affiliate of these brokers (just like us except we don’t scam or trick anyone and we are honest about it) and they pay him for every new client that signs up through him. Really quite a clever, though evil and infuriating, way to trick folks into using HIS and only his links to sign up with these brokers.
      He makes a fortune, probably 50,000+ a month easy, by fooling people into thinking he has some miracle trading system that will make them all rich! And, once you sign-up and deposit with one of his “approved brokers” he has already been paid and can just give you whatever garbage he wants, most likely LOSING you a bunch of money rather than making any. Those bank account shots he shows you? Yeah, that is the money he has made by scamming people, not trading profits. God what a jerk that makes me soooo mad.
      In other words, he has no system and if you follow whatever advice he does give you then you will most likely lose all your deposit very quickly. He doesn’t care he has made his money as soon as you sign up with the broker and deposit, before he ever shares any of his “secrets” with you.

      I am going to sign up so that I can get access to his “approved brokers” list and contact those brokers to make damn sure they know that they are paying him for scamming/tricking people. Hopefully the more upstanding/honest brokers on his list, if any, will ditch his sorry lying butt and put a very large hole in his revenue. It is maddening to see his million(s) made lying, tricking, and scamming people while honest, hard-working affiliates like us make a tiny tiny fraction of that by actually working hard to provide something of value to our visitors, while also still telling them that they should look around and sign up with any broker that works best for them, whether we are affiliated with them or not.

      Please avoid this scammer so you don’t contribute to his profits and encourage his lying, despicable behavior. As*h*le makes a fortune while making others lose a collective fortune by giving them all garbage advice. Heck he is probably on a revenue share plan so that the worse the advice he gives and the more money people lose, the more money he makes. Wow, just wow. Truly an example of the scum of the earth right there. He should be shot on sight without a second thought or scruple for his crimes in my ever so humble opinion.
      As you can tell, I’m just a tad upset by this.
      Thank you sooo much for bringing this to our attention. We will definitely make sure everyone who visits this site knows what his scamming butt is up to and will also try and spread the word as far and wide as possible elsewhere. I don’t know if I have ever seen such a calculating, downright evil plan for ripping people off.

      • 11:14 pm, 09/26/2012BinaryOptionsBoss  / Reply

        I was redirected to Winoptions when I signed up just now instead of being given a list to chose from. I wonder if it is only winoptions or if upon signing up you are just redirected randomly to one of the brokers on his “approved” list that he is affiliated with.

        Winoptions didn’t surprise me at all and I won’t even bother contacting them about this scheme. They were already known to us as one of the “bad apples” and a dishonest, unreliable broker. They probably not only already know what he is doing but are most likely in on the scheme and actively helping him promote his nonexistent “system”. I hope you didn’t end up depositing with them, Nana.

        I’ll try signing up again later with a different name and email and see if I’m redirected to a different broker or if it is only winoptions.

    • 9:20 pm, 09/27/2012BinaryOptionsBoss  / Reply

      We would like to reward you in some fashion for helping uncover such an important issue.
      Please contact us at and I’m sure we can work something out.

  7. 1:49 pm, 09/29/2012prashanth paadugu  / Reply

    which binary trading is safe and genuine? plz. clarify? what about Trade Rush?

    • 7:29 pm, 09/29/2012BinaryOptionsBoss  / Reply

      TradeRush is where I personally trade and, depending on your specific needs of course, is probably the best choice in our opinion.

  8. 4:09 am, 09/30/2012Demsi  / Reply

    I noticed you made no comments about BO signal providers. Can they be trusted? And how do I choose one?

  9. 4:37 am, 09/30/2012Victor  / Reply

    Hello, I’m new to Binary Options trade. A friend told me about it and suggested Safe24Options. May I have you advise on this? Thanks

    • 4:49 am, 09/30/2012BinaryOptionsBoss  / Reply

      Unfortunately we have not reviewed safe24options and therefore cannot fairly comment on their operation. They appear to be one of the numerous newer “white label” operations that are popping up like crazy in this rapidly growing industry. However, as long as you trust your friend and their judgement then it doesn’t get much better than a personal endorsement from a friend. Just ask yourself: is your friend knowledgeable of binary options? has this friend been with the company for awhile? most importantly probably, has this friend been able to successfully make a withdrawal?
      If you can answer yes to those, then I’d say go for it they sound like a solid company for such a new operation.
      My personal recommendation, however, will always be TradeRush. I’ve been with them for over a year now, have made numerous withdrawals, they have simply outstanding customer service, and they have hands down the best features, and asset and contract selection out of any binary options broker on the market. They are a market leader for good reason.
      Good luck whoever you go with!

  10. 4:29 pm, 11/21/2012Kay  / Reply

    I will like to advise no one should ever trade with winoptions, they never allow you to withdraw

    • 10:13 pm, 11/27/2012BinaryOptionsBoss  / Reply

      WinOptions is also involved in the “mybinaryrecoded” scam website. They should be avoided at all costs.
      Thanks for your feedback!

  11. 6:04 pm, 12/18/2012Sateshnu  / Reply

    Hi… Can you advise on broker.are they trusted and real.plz help urgently.

    • 7:17 pm, 12/18/2012BinaryOptionsBoss  / Reply

      Thanks for the question. Unfortunately, we have not yet tried or reviewed that broker so we cannot fairly comment on them.
      About the only thing we can say about is that we have not received and complaints about them.

      • 7:43 pm, 02/12/2013Sateshnu  / Reply

        Hi all,
        Scammed by broker.
        I have all the proofs with snapshot .
        Avoid trading in that broker ….BOLS is the signal provider for them.
        Rest up to you.

        • 10:09 pm, 03/10/2013BinaryOptionsBoss  / Reply

          Thank you for this important comment.
          We have had people ask about this broker a few times and we unfortunately did not have any feedback or first hand knowledge of them.
          We would be cautious with this broker.

  12. 9:03 am, 01/10/2013Alex  / Reply

    Does anyone know geotradex? The guy on chat seems to know his stuff but I don’t find many online review

  13. 5:05 am, 01/11/2013William Hill  / Reply

    Have you heard of or reviewed I haven’t been able to find anything bad about them yet, so I was wondering if you knew anything. Also, would you suggest using moneybookers?

    • 6:18 pm, 02/12/2013BinaryOptionsBoss  / Reply

      All I can say about them for sure is that they are very new. That being the case, it is likely going to be difficult to find much information on them, good or bad. We usually recommend sticking to brokers who have a long established history of honest operation and good customer service. On the other hand, every broker was new at some point and somebody has to give them a shot! Sorry we couldn’t be of more help here.

  14. 1:11 pm, 02/18/2013Neil  / Reply

    Hi…Can you please start doing reviews on Binary Option Signals providers?

  15. 11:15 am, 06/06/2013Katherine Burr  / Reply

    When I was a newbie to binary options trading, I went for one of the trading platforms that have a solid history of good service, traderush. This broker review site, more or less, sums up the good attributes that lead me to sticking with this broker. I have seen some comments from traders that did not fare well; however, I am yet to experience any difficulties in my years of binary trading. I am not asking for that, though. But, with a reputable broker, I need not worry.

  16. 9:10 pm, 08/17/2013samantha  / Reply

    Is the first withdrawal from traderush complicated? I know how to trade and I can do my own fundamental and technical analysis however I’ve never traded with an online broker, i’m interested in trading with traderush, I wish I knew someone who traded and had withdrawn profits from them personally, unfortunately I don’t personally know anyone who trade binary options. What’s the response time after your initial request? I trust your opinion since I’ve done some research myself and 24options and anyoptions are both reputable when it comes to withdrawals, I’m not trading with them right now because 24options minimum wire transfer is USD $1000.00 and any options don’t have 60 sec trading Thanks

    • 8:42 pm, 09/28/2013BinaryOptionsBoss  / Reply

      Sorry for the late reply. It probably isn’t even useful to you yourself at this point. But maybe it can at let be useful for others to finally answer. Unfortunately, other things in real life have kept me from updating my site much. Even worse, I’ve had no chance to try new accounts for new reviews or at least finish my updates for 2013 on last years top brokers.

      The answer to your question should be a solid no. But, it depends on whether or not you took the initiative in sending them the proper identification paperwork required by anti money-laundering laws in the US, and even Internaionally. As long as you have done that prior to your first need or desire to withdraw any funds, it will be no trouble at all. Although, your 1st withdrawal is always the slowest, regardless of what broker you’re with (based on our experience with literally dozens of firms). After that 1st withdrawal, subsequent withdrawals will be quite quick indeed. A matter of just a few days or even less, depending on method of withdrawal.
      Best of luck to you in all your trading endevors!

  17. 4:14 pm, 10/12/2013Gabe  / Reply

    Do you have any information on I read a few reviews and have mixed feeling about them, so I’d just like to know if you have any information that can help me in my assessment of them.


    • 1:10 am, 11/14/2013BinaryOptionsBoss  / Reply

      Unfortunately, I have never reviewed and tried out that company so I can’t provide any personal insight and don’t know anything which you can’t easily find elsewhere. Good luck in your hunt for a good, reliable company though. Most are okay at least, a few are downright rotten, and a few are outstanding.

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