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  1. 2:16 pm, 06/11/2012Tony  / Reply

    Hi. Just got off the phone with an Opteck rep. He called me within one minute of of me hitting the send button with my information. He was very high pressure trying to get me to open an account. I explained that I was only interested in the no deposit DEMO account as I have no experience with binary trading but would like to learn a little before spending money. Told me they don’t do that ????. I had to hang up to get him off the phone.

    • 2:51 pm, 06/11/2012BinaryOptionsBoss  / Reply

      I take it you didn’t bother to read our Opteck review first?
      If You had you would have known that Opteck does this and that we don’t recommend trading with them. You may also want to read our our article on binary options no deposit bonus offers.
      Sorry about your experience! We recommend TradeRush to our readers but there are other good brokers out there. Opteck just isn’t one of them.
      BOB (BinaryOptionsBoss)

  2. 3:59 pm, 12/03/2012Sam  / Reply

    As i understand, Opteck do give demo accounts to some of their clients that shows serious interest however they don’t give a ‘no deposit’ demo account. I was asking about that too when i spoke to one of their representatives over the phone and i provided them with this site’s URL. They immediately apologized and said that this article is misleading and should be taken off as they have never claimed to be giving ‘no deposit’ demo accounts.

    However, after saying this, they did open a demo account for me. I deposited $1,000 and got a $400 demo account which helped me a lot in learning this business.
    Bottom line, i think they’re doing their job well as they were very decent, nice and ultimately helped me making money with their signals :) so no complaints here

    • 7:44 pm, 12/07/2012BinaryOptionsBoss  / Reply

      Thank you very much for your comments and feedback. Real input from other real traders is the best and most important information on this – or any other – binary options website.
      We also offer our thanks for pointing out that misleading language. After reading your comment and then rereading our post, it clearly implies that you can get the bonus/demo account without becoming a depositing customer…which is not the case as you found out.
      Those kind of mistakes, which mislead or confuse readers/visitors is the very last thing we want and while we do our best to research the firms (including opening accounts with them and trading their platforms with real-money) we still make mistakes sometimes and we count on readers like yourself to bring these things to our attention.
      Thanks again for your comment and Opteck feedback! The very best of luck to you in all your trading!

    • 8:42 pm, 12/07/2012BinaryOptionsBoss  / Reply

      Post edited to correct for clarification of the actual offers by Opteck and the requirements for receiving those perks/bonuses.
      The only thing that still seems misleading is the banner which Opteck themselves gave us to put up, which we can’t do much about really.
      Their banner reads “Get Into The Market With Free $100 Trading Account”
      That sure seems to suggest to us that it is an offer for a $100 “no-deposit” style bonus being offered.
      I am going to contact their marketing department about it and see if they can modify their banner so as to make it less misleading. Honestly, I think it is just a language barrier thing rather than deliberate deception. They are definitely not native English speakers over there. Though they have taken steps recently to hire more employees fluent in English.
      Thanks again for your valuable feedback!

  3. 7:44 pm, 03/22/2013sherwood romanko  / Reply

    l have invested quite a lot of funds in opteck trading and so far(about 2 weeks)have made a substantial amount. haven’t tried to withdraw yet and so may hit a snag. now they want me to invest another 10k and from that point(37k)rest should be profit making. no problem yet but am getting a little worried. have until end of march to get free bonuses at 100%. drops to 60% after that. haven’t heard much negativity but still nervous about investing more. regards

    • 12:17 am, 03/23/2013BinaryOptionsBoss  / Reply

      I don’t blame you for a bit of nervousness. I understand why hey might want you to deposit more funds but you certainly don’t have to if you don’t feel comfortable doing so. Or is it to satisfy conditions for some bonus received or to be received?
      Anyway, let us know how it goes if you remember to, and definitely let us know if you run into any problems please…
      Good luck in your trading!

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