Stockpair Scam and Stockpair Complaints

stockpair scam and stockpair complaints review - sign-up with stockpair bonus

Stockpair Scam and Stockpair Complaints

Stockpair Scam

  • Stockpair is most certainly not a scam and has many thousands of satisfied customers. Including us.
  • Binary options are perfectly legitimate and institutional investors and investment banks have been trading them for decades. There is no stockpair scam.

Is Stockpair regulated?

  • Stockpair is not regulated by the cySEC because they are considered to be a binary options broker and therefore do not fall under the CySEC’s mandate

With no Stockpair regulation should I be concerned? Is my money safe?

  • This is a good thing and allows for much more flexibility between stockpair and its clients.
  • We’re capitalists here at Binary Options Reviews and don’t necessarily view a lack of regulation as a bad thing.
  • Specific Stockpair regulation doesn’t mean your money is not safe. Nor does it mean no regulation at all.
  • Your money is perfectly safe and Stockpair is still governed by all the normal laws and regulations regarding contracts and client money.
  • Stockpair has no interest in stealing your money. They are a large firm profiting quite nicely from their legitimate trading activities.

Stockpair Complaints

  • Stockpair complaints are very minimal and most often seem to be of the “sore loser” variety.
  • As with any financial product there is, of course, risk involved in trading pair options
  • Complaints along the lines of “I lost my whole $100 deposit in one day! what a rip-off” are not valid stockpair complaints. For fairly obvious reasons
  • Legitimate stockpair complaints certainly do exist but are relatively rare.
  • The legitimate stockpair complaints are usually minor. Problems involving a slightly delayed withdrawal processing or a problem making a deposit are most frequent.
  • We have neither heard of or read elsewhere online any legitimate major complaint against Stockpair.
  • No critical trading platform outages. No withdrawal refusals (the usual paperwork required).

The bottom line on the stockpair scam and stockpair complaints question

  • The bottom line is, there is no stockpair scam and any stockpair complaints are either illegitimate, relatively minor, and few and far between.

Please let us know your experiences with pair options broker stockpair! 

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stockpair scam and stockpair complaints review - sign-up with stockpair bonus


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